Workshop Topics

Contributions to all the issues related to multitemporal data processing, to the analysis of time-series data acquired by passive and active sensors, and to the related application fields are welcome, including:

· Multitemporal image preprocessing techniques (e.g., calibration, correction, registration, denoising techniques)

· Multitemporal image analysis techniques

· Analysis of time-series data

· Multitemporal SAR and InSAR data analysis

· Big multitemporal data mining

· Data and knowledge mining in time series

· Change detection methods

· Fusion of multitemporal data

· Classification of multitemporal data and transfer learning

· New satellite missions for acquiring time series (e.g., Sentinels)

· Data harmonization

· Uncertainty propagation

· Synergetic use of imaging systems

· Validation approaches for multitemporal data analysis

· Applications of multitemporal analysis (e.g., climate, agriculture, urban, hydro/cryosphere, biodiversity and ecosystems, land cover and land use dynamics, forestry, disaster assessment, water and coast, etc.)

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